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Original residence certificate | Rajasthan original residence certificate

Dear friends, as you all know, we are in our website Every government scheme Try to get it to you !!! We want to make you every government scheme of Rajasthan so that you can take full advantage of it. Today we are going to tell you.

How are you Evaluation Can get a certificate. You all know We also call the original certificate as bonafide. Which is used in every government work, we can also say that it is a certificate for us which certifies the place where we are resident and how many years we have been living in that place?

What is an evaluation original residence certificate?

We know that there will be many people who do not know what is the original certificate, what is the original residence certificate? Friends, we want to tell you that the original residence certificate is also called bonafide?The bonafide and the domicile certificate are the same thing.The original residence certificate shows where we live. For how many years we have been living there. All his camp is written on the original residence certificate. Now we will tell you how can we get the original residence certificate online at home?

Benefits of Rated Native Certificate

  • If you go for admission in a college.
  • Scholarship related applications are required.
  • Original residence certificate is also required at the time of any government vacancy.

We want to tell you that if you want to do all this work and if you do not have the original certificate then you will not be eligible for it. Now friends, we will tell you how you can get Rajasthani original residence certificate.

In order to make a “native residence certificate” (original residence certificate) in the evaluation, the following documents are required by the applicant.

  1. Photo copy of voter ID
  2. Aadhaar card photo copy
  3. Family register copy
  4. Photo copy of ration card
  5. Birth certificate
  6. Electricity bill or water bill
  7. Pass size photo

Rated original residence certificate

  • Whatever information is asked in the application form, it is filled carefully.
  • Incoming your two passport size photos.
  • Sign all the fields given in it at the required place on the filler form.

Assessment original residence certificate eastern application

Friends, if you want that you are not able to fill it online. Then you go to your tehsil office You can easily get your original residence certificate You will also find its application form there.

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