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jaswant jat

Jaswant jat

Jaswant Jat, who has knowledge of normal writing as well as a good news director, is also the director of this DLS News Hindi who always loves to learn something new, along with providing the right information to the people, he always has a dream to help people. And loves to tell people about new things and loves to talk to people / Follow mail – [email protected]

Vikram Meena


A good blog writer who promotes irrigation with a lot of useful knowledge, the man Vikram Meena Vikram, writes articles of Dls News Hindi website very carefully and wins the promise of the right people with the knowledge of Vikram Meena, living in Alwar, Rajasthan People who write good online blogs with good education, have a very good knowledge of media. – Follow – [email protected]

Rohit Jangir

Rohit Jangir

rohit is a good web developer who maintains the article right as well as the maintenance of the website. Our website is displayed in front of the people, so that our visitors keep an eye on our website at all times so that our visitors do not have any trouble, along with good knowledge to the people Articles are also written to provide – [email protected]