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Chief Minister of Haryana state to make the people of the state self-reliant Self-sufficient Haryana Portal Has started, through this portal people will easily get a loan without any collator, the loan amount is going to be recovered. 2 per cent state interest Treatment will have to be done. Three types of loans can be given to applicants through the portal. The first is the Differential Rate of Interest Loan Scheme, the second is the Shishu Loan (Mudra Yojana) and the third is the Education Loan. If you also want to take a loan through this portal and get yourself registered offline, then this option has now opened. Atmanbir Haryana Portal But whatever people want to get their registration done or want to know the eligibility and benefits associated with the loan through this portal, stay with us till the end.

Let us tell you that a package of 20 lakh crore rupees was announced by the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, to make India self-reliant. Every state wants to use this package more and more. Similarly, now the state of Haryana has also taken its steps. The people will be given loan through the self-sufficient Haryana portal launched by the government. Under the Differential Rate of Interest Loan Scheme, people living in rural areas, whose family’s monthly income 18 thousand rupees Or people living in the city whose family income 24 thousand rupees statue Ho. They will be given loan without any quote. Any person of the same state who wants to do his own business or wants to carry on his business, can take a loan of up to 50 thousand rupees under Shishu loan.

Describing the portal, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar also made an important announcement in which he said that the interest rate for loans of students who had taken loans before January 1, 2015, from April 2021 to June 2021 was declared only. must have been done.

Objective of self-reliance portal Haryana

  • The people of the state can take maximum advantage of the self-reliance package and Modi ji’s dream of self-reliant India can be realized.
  • Residents of Haryana can be financed by banks to start their own business.
  • Banking services can be accessed through the portal to every region of the state.
  • People are not going to stay in the bank for hours to deposit or withdraw money.
  • Providing postal banking service
  • Providing needy loans to the needy.

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Benefits of Atmanirbhar haryana portal

  • Through the portal, people will get loans without a cotaker.
  • The loan taken by the students till January 2015 will be from April 2013 and the government will bear the interest of June 2019.
  • People should book time in advance to withdraw cash or deposit cash from banks right from home.
  • Postal banking services can also be availed through the portal.
  • 50 thousand rupees will be given for increasing business or for new businesses.
  • The government will bear 2 percent interest on the loan amount.

Eligibility for benefits of service of self-reliance portal

  • To avail any kind of benefits on the portal, it is necessary that you are a resident of Haryana.
  • For taking a loan through the Differential Rate of Interest Loan Scheme, the family monthly income of an urban person should not exceed 24 thousand rupees. The monthly income of the family of the same rural person should not be more than 18 thousand.
  • To get rid of interest on education loan for three months, it is necessary that the loan was taken only after January 1, 2015.

Apply online registration form for Atmanirbhar Haryana Portal loan

  1. If you have to take a loan or avail any kind of service on the portal, then for this you will first have to go to the official site of Atmanirbhar Haryana portal whose number is this.
  2. After clicking on the list, the home page of the site will open in front of you, here you will see many options. Now you have to decide which service you want to avail. If you want to take a loan, you have to click on the bank loan. For example, we have clicked on the bank loan itself.
  3. As soon as you click, a new page will open in front of you. Here you will see some other options. In these, you have to choose what kind of loan you want to take.
  4. After you choose this, further process will be revealed to you. You can apply for a loan by splitting the process.
  5. Similarly, through other options on the home page of the site, you can do different things, whether they are interest paying, cash depositors or withdrawals. You can avail whatever service you want, according to you.

Self-sufficient Haryana Portal

What is self-reliant Haryana portal based on?

This portal is completely based on banking services, through this portal people can avail loans and other banking services.

What is the most important thing to take a loan through self-sufficient Haryana portal?

For this, it is necessary that you are a resident of the state of Haryana.

What is the maximum loan that can be availed for new businesses on the self-sufficient Haryana portal?

A loan of maximum 50 thousand rupees can be availed to carry out new business or to carry on old businesses through the portal.

What is the purpose of self-sufficient Haryana portal?

The main objective of the portal is to make the state self-reliant.

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