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Chhattisgarh Middle School Scholarship 2021 | middle school admission

Continuing study to make scholarship online details for students of scheduled castes, tribes and other backward classes Middle school scholarship portal / https has been created, So that the students will get the benefit of the scholarship directly and the scholarship will be relocated in the food of the students. The purpose of this portal is to expand, effective management and streamline the processes related to the distribution of scholarships, the inclusion of schemes under the scheme under CG Nick in Middle School Scholarship / School Scholarship Schemes.
1. Chhattisgarh State Scholarship Scheme
2. Girls Literacy Scheme
3. Unclean Business Scheme

Cg Middle School Scholarship Online Application 2021 | Chhattisgarh Middle School Scholarship

  • First of all by the direct number given below But, this list will directly access you on the login page.

cg school scholarship / middle school scholarship login

  • Now you will have got the username and password.
  • There is School Code – User ID And School Password – Password is. It has to be filled as below and SIGN IN.
  • Now you guys will be done. You have to register your students.
  • For this, there will be an option to register on the left side.
  • If you click on it, you will get two options !!!!!!!
  • Student Registration The student has to be registered in this.
  • Student – It will complete the list of registered students.

You have to go to blue registration before registration. The signal is well explained.

Now you will get full details in which you have to fill personal information. There is a second part in it –

  1. Personal information and
  2. Student address

personal information –

pay attention In the given option, it is mandatory to fill the star in red color, it will not accept the site without filling it.

  • In this section, information about the bank account of the students is to be given.
  • There is IFSC Code Has to be filled. When you fill this code, the name and address of the branch will come to the attic. By observing this, the student’s account number was further filled. Is the account linked to Aadhaar? If connected to this option, mark the tick.
  • In this step, check the IFSC code and account number once. Save bank details Click on Allow. You will get the details of the registration number of the child and how much money he has to get for the umbrella.
  • Successfully cg middle school scholarship 2021 / school scholarship portal cg They have been registered. You have got the details of the registration done by you Registration> Student Will be found in less than.
  • Seen here how the students To abstain You will get a list of those registered for.
  • You can download this list in PDF or Excel form.

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