Chhattisgarh Police App (CG COP) | Download, Features Benefits

The state police of Chhattisgarh state has recently launched an app called Chhattisgarh Police App. The main objective of launching this app is for citizens to avail their services manually without going to the police station. Also, using this app, citizens can register their complaints online through the Chhattisgarh Polic App without coming to the local police station.

CG COP App launched by Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. Through this app, citizens can avail police services like reporting about missing people, vehicles, information sharing, seized vehicles, arrested persons, missing persons and checking the status of the case.

Chhattisgarh Police App (CG COP) | Download, Features Benefits

In this article, we talk about the Chhattisgarh Police App, how to download the app, features and benefits.

How to download Chhattisgarh Police App (CG App Download)

Let us look at the process of downloading Chhattisgarh Police App on mobiles.

Go to Google Play Store on your mobile.

In the search box, enter Chhattisgarh Police App.

It displays the icon of the Chhattisgarh Police App.

Click Install below the App.

· It will be installed and downloaded on your mobile.

Now you can start installing the police services of the app on your mobile.

Features of Chhattisgarh Police App (CG COP)

Let us take a look at the features of Chhattisgarh Police App or CG COP App.

  • Citizens can register FIRs online using the CG COP app.
  • You can see the status of cases on the app.
  • The online complaint facility allows citizens to file complaints online.
  • The GPS is connected to the GPS, where people can find the police station nearby.
  • This app enables users to search for missing vehicles, unknown bodies, details of the arrested person, etc.

Benefits of Chhattisgarh Police App (CG COP)

Let us take a look at the benefits of Chhattisgarh Police App or CG COP App.

  • The app is available to the public on PlayStore.
  • Police services are free under the Chhattisgarh Police App.
  • Citizens can avail major services under this app on mobile.
  • This reduces people’s time and energy without going to the police and manually filing charges.
  • It bridges the gap between the police and the public and allows smooth and transparent services.
  • The app is also flexible and easy to use by a lepper.

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Chhattisgarh Police App (CG COP) FAQ

What is the purpose of introducing Chhattisgarh Police (CG COP) app?

The purpose of Chhattisgarh Police App is to take police services to the doorstep of citizens.

Can I get details of my lost vehicles on Chhattisgarh Police (CG COP) app?

Yes, citizens can find details of their missing vehicles on the Chhattisgarh Police App.

Can I download Chhattisgarh Police App on any mobile?

Yes, the Chhattisgarh Police app supports both Android and iOS mobile phones.

Does Chhattisgarh Police App provide technical support in case of any query?

Yes, you can reach the helpdesk via email @ in case of any queries or technical issues.

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