Corona vaccine update: many countries leave China, demand of tax corona vaccine from India

Corona vaccine update: many countries leave China, demand of tax corona vaccine from India

China has been constantly reeling over the coronavirus epidemic. He faces serious allegations like hiding many important information about the epidemic. China, already beset on many fronts, has now also suffered a setback to the Corona vaccine. Countries like Jim, Cambodia, who have either bought from China or been proposed, have turned to India. These countries are demanding India’s Astrazenka vaccine. It is known that even when the Chinese Corona vaccine is safe, questions arise. India continues to receive frequent requests for commercial supplies and grant support for the Corona vaccine. This has increased ever since New Delhi has extracted 5 million doses of Kovishield for seven neighboring countries. This vaccine was created by the Serum Institute of India with the help of Oxford-EstraZeneca.

India gave 20 lakh doses of vaccines as commercial supplies to JC on Friday. There are differences between the AstraZeneca vaccine and the Coronavac vaccine of Synovac between President Zaire Bolsonaro and several governors. It also includes Saolo’s Governor João Doria, who is being seen as Bolsonaro’s main rival for the 2022 presidential race. Bolsonaro wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 8 January to speed up the dispatch of 20 million Kovishield dosages because, he was expected to start a vaccination campaign from the Presidential Palace in the same week. However, at that time, India was to begin its vaccination campaign and officials were working on vaccine grants and commercial supplies.

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Doria later began a vaccination campaign with Coronavac and Jess planned to involve 23 million people in her campaign. Sources familiar with the matter said on the condition of anonymity that Jess differed between the purchase and manufacture of the AstraZeneca vaccine. At the same time, Indonesia, which has received 3 million doses of China’s Coronavac, is also planning to buy AstraZenca vaccine from India. Indonesia’s Indopharm company is in touch with Kovishield-making Serum Institute of India. A person aware of the case said, “Hopefully it will be found soon.” ”

Cambodia also asked Corona vaccine from India
In addition, on Monday, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen requested India for vaccine assistance during a meeting with Indian envoy Devyani Khobragade. Officials in Phnom Penh said the country was interested in both Kovishield and Kovaxin, made by Bharat Biotech, as they are suitable for Cambodia’s temperature. It is known that China has been the biggest supporter of Cambodia and has been continuously providing loans. China has loaned Cambodia several billion dollars. In the fight against Corona, China has given 10 million doses for the vaccination of five lakh people. However, people told that Cambodia is going to need more vaccine doses for the one crore 70 lakh people.)

Questions standing on China’s vaccine
In the gym, questions have been raised after the Chinese vaccine Coronavac was nearly 50 per cent effective in trials. It is known that this effect is much less than the vaccines of AstraZeneca, Modern and Pfizer. At the same time, the Chinese vaccine has been found to be 65.3 percent effective in a trial in Indonesia. While Synovac is conducting trials in several countries, experts are also raising questions about its complete data not being released. John Moore, a vaccine researcher at Weil Cornell Medicine, told NPR that this is science being done through press releases. The expansion is quite low.


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