* Family ID * Haryana Family Pehchan Patra | Offline application form 2020, PPP card status, download @ meraparivar.haryana.gov.in

My Family Pehna Patra Haryana | Haryana Family Identity Card, Offline Application Form 2021, Family Identity Card Status, download

(PPP), the family identity card scheme has been opened in Haryana. The process of application for the Haryana Family Identity Card is now completely smooth. The scheme has been launched by Shri Manohar Lal Khattar, Chief Minister of Haryana. This scheme is designed to provide identity cards to the whole family. Online applications are now being accepted for Haryana Parivar Peeth Patra (Family ID) on Mera Parivar Portal. In this article you will understand in detail the application process w other information.

Haryana Parivar Patchan Patra (Family ID), Application, Online Form 2021

Purpose of Haryana Family Identity Card Scheme –

The Aadhaar card reveals the identity of a person, but now it is an important role of this scheme that all families of Haryana will be provided with identity cards. Through this identity card, you will collect data for the whole family. 54 lakh families have been covered under this scheme. This scheme is beneficial only for the people of Haryana. The government is preparing to open 500 family identity card registration centers later. Use of Aadhaar card is mandatory under this scheme.

Benefits of Family Pechchan Patra Haryana (Family ID)

  • Data of all families will be collected under this scheme. All the available data will be uploaded on the portal according to the age, qualifications of the family members. With this technique you can check which member has received the benefit of which scheme.
  • So far, the officials will be able to identify the beneficiaries under this scheme. Thus the applicants will get the benefit of the schemes.
  • Software technology has been used for this scheme. With this help, you will be able to get all the information sitting in one place.
  • If any kind of change or difficulty is to be purified, you do not have to go to any center for it. The portal will automatically attach and upload all its information.
  • In Haryana, the benefit of old pension and all other types of pension can be availed only through family identity card.
  • If a girl gets married, the girl’s name will be removed from the father’s family from the portal and added to the husband’s family.

Haryana Family ID Applicable- Important documents information for filling the family identity card online application form

  • Aadhar card
  • Mobile number
  • Ration Card (option)

Application Form for Haryana Family Identity Card 2021 | Online application form Family ID Haryana

The right to set up the application is available only with the operator of CSC / Saral centers. You can apply for family identity card by paying a nominal fee. Let us know how the concerned officials will fill your application online:

  • After that, go to the relevant operator operator login page and login
  • After this, if information on the necessary documents will be taken and online application for family identity card will be made.
  • After completion of the application, a receipt will be given which will remain in the application number. After some time your family identity card will be created and you will also download the identity card

Parihar Parhan Patra Status/download | Haryana PPP Family id Card states, download

If you have applied and now want to download your family identity card then read this:

  • Now enter the family ID (number) at the given location. If your card is generated, you will download it from here
  • To know the application status, enter your Aadhaar number below by visiting the specified page or else Go to this page

Update Haryana Family ID Card Details How to mention in family identity card

This process is very easy. After the ID is created and the card is found, if you have to change something, then this process is understood:

  • Now click on the “update family details” option
  • Now you will be asked if you have a family ID. If you are not well then you will be asked information about Aadhaar
  • After this, you will change yourself only by giving Family ID or Aadhaar Number.

Family Identity Card (PPP) Family id Card) Haryana

After the application, the family identity card will be provided to you by the government. This card will be used when you need it

You can also get information through this video

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Haryana Family ID Card (Family Pehra Patra) Frequently Asked Questions

What is the family identity card scheme run by the Haryana government?

Haryana government will provide an identity card to all the families of the state. In this identity card, the information of the whole family will be available and through this, the benefits of government schemes will be easily available to the families. It will also be easy for the government to provide many benefits to the families of the state.

How will the application be done? Offline or eastern?

Application for Family Pehchan Patra (Family ID) haryana will be online only. The concerned officer will be able to apply for a nominal fee for you.

After the application, how will I know whether to create a family ID or not, how to see family ID status Haryana?

If you have applied, you will be given a reference number through which you can see the application status on Saral Haryana portal.

How to download Family ID Card (Family ID)The

The identity card of the family is going to be made on the respective portal, the facility to download the card is available.

Can family information be updated online by itself

Yes, it is mandatory to know. Then you can update the information by visiting My Family Portal.

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