FAU-G game shed before launch, got over 40 lakh pre-registrations

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FAU-G game shed before launch, got over 40 lakh pre-registrationsFAU-G game shed before launch, got over 40 lakh pre-registrations

Fans of the made-in-India action mobile game FAU-G are eagerly waiting. This can be gauged from the fact that the game had crossed the 40 lakh pre-registration mark on Google Play before launching. This is revealed by the game’s developer company nCore Games. Let us know that the FAU-G (Fieles and Uenitive Guards) game is to be launched on 26 January.

The game’s pre-registration began in late November. It is a multi player game. The FAU-G game was announced by film star Akshay Kumar soon after the popular game Fuji Mobile was banned in India. Currently the game’s pre-registration is limited to high and mid-range Android phones only. It will also be launched soon for IP users.

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10 lakh pre-registrations were found within 24 hours
Let us know that the game coners got 10 lakh pre-registrations in 24 hours. However, it took more than a month and a half to cross the 40 lakh mark. Vishal Gondal, co-activist and chairman of Encore Games, said, “We will cross 50 lakhs by the launch of this game.” I don’t think any sport in India would have got such a large number of pre-registrations. ‘

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How will be the game
It is a third person shooting game, which will be available at both the Google Play store and Apple Apps store. The FAU-G game may be based on true incidents with Indian security personnel. A level of Galvan Valley has also been included in this. The game is described on the Google Play Store as saying, “A group of friendly travelers on the lists of the northern border of India defends the pride and sovereignty of the nation. The task is for the boldest: The Fieles and the United Guards FAU- This is a very challenging task for G.]


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