Haryana Shramik Kanya Marriage Grant Scheme

51 thousand rupees for the marriage of a daughter to the laborers of Haryana. Wedding plan in Haryana 51000 rupees

There is a chance of good news for the people of Haryana because Government of Haryana Has decided to give 51 thousand rupees on the marriage of the daughter of the workers Naib Saini, Minister of State for Labor in Grain Market, the main purpose of this scheme is the marriage of the daughter of the workers. Many times laborers are not able to get their daughter married well due to poverty, now all the poor laborers will participate in this scheme by giving labor of thousands of rupees on the day of the workers’ daughter’s wedding, by the Labor Department. You can take the pension amount for the registered workers of hell has been increased from Rs. 300 to Rs. 3000.

Haryana laborer’s daughter gets married for Rs 51000

People of Haryana will be thinking that how we will participate in this scheme and whether all can participate in it or will everyone’s daughters get the amount of thousands of rupees, we will inform you in this artistical.

Benefit of 51000 rupees in marriage of daughter of laborers of Haryana

  • We will marry my daughter with great pomp
  • Workers will not have to loan
  • This will also lead to the birth of daughters because many parents do not give birth to daughters due to lack of money.
  • You will get a check at home 3 days before your daughter’s wedding

Eligibility for Haryana Shramik Beti Marriage

  • If any worker wants to get the amount of few thousand rupees, then he should be a resident of Haryana.
  • And labor income Should not exceed 100000 annually
  • The wedding card of the workers’ daughter’s wedding has to be shown
  • Workers want
  • If there fulfills the eligibility then He can get the amount of 51 thousand rupees.
  • Only state registration workers will benefit from this scheme.

Application for check of 51 thousand rupees wedding of Haryana laborer daughter

  1. For daughter’s wedding To get 51000 check, first of all workers must be registered in the state
  2. Those who will not be registered laborers of the state will not take advantage of this scheme.
  3. Workers can get this amount by going to their nearest Panchayat office and filling their form.
  4. Soon its offline facility will also be given.

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Updated: November 25, 2021 — 3:39 pm

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