Haryana to submit your account online, copy and measles maps. Haryana Jamabandi Nakal in Hindi

Haryana’s own account Haryana State’s own account Jamabandi Nose and Khasra number in Hindi

Dear friends, now you will be happy to know that Government of Haryana Has one with his account name Started a new website From where Haryana People can view all the land records offline. The main objective of this scheme named Apna Khata is to provide all the details of offline land for the people.

Haryana’s own account

Haryana People can view all the records of land by entering their account number in their account website. Haryana People can see their Jamabandi Mimic Khasra number online in their account. Through your website, people will no longer have much difficulty and will not have to go into patwar operations, through this people can now do all the work online.

Friends all of you must be thinking now Haryana What will be the benefit of my account?

Haryana Apna Khata benefits

  • Haryana Land records from your account
  • Haryana People with your account now Patwaris will not have rounds |
  • This will reduce black marketing.
  • Haryana People with their own account Entering account number will take back all of the land |
  • Haryana Your account will save time

Copy of submitting your account of Haryana

  • After this you District Selected |
  • Haryana After filling your account online, you have chosen your tehsil.
  • Then choose your village.
  • After this, you have to fill all the information in the form such as Khasra number, account number and your name.
  • After filling all the information, fill the Setcha code.
  • Mind friends Haryana has to fill its account form carefully. If you make a mistake, you will not get any information related to the land.
  • After filling all the information, you have to click on the email button.
  • Haryana After filling all the information in your account All of the land is back on the computer |
  • Haryana Have an account that you can take out a print copy, and keep it with you.

Get Haryana Arrangement Copy Online

If you want to get systematics offline in Haryana as you were told above, but there was system arrangement instead of Jamabandi. In this way you can get systematic copying in Haryana.

Watch offline in Haryana Khatauni Khasra / Part Number

  • On this page, you chose the name of your district.
  • Select your Tehsil Sub Tehsil.
  • Then choose your village.
  • After that click on Send button.
  • Now after filling the information in front of you, a page like this will open
  • In this way you can see the whole back of the owner.

Dear friends our you Haryana’s own account How did information begin If you have any questions related to this, then you can comment and ask.

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