Jeff Bezos and Jane Musk, world’s biggest nobles, now make $ 6 billion

Jeff Bezos and Jane Musk, world’s biggest nobles, now make $ 6 billion

There is now a $ 6 billion gap between Amazon CEO Jeffijos and Jane Musk. Bezos has once again become the world’s greatest nobleman. He has achieved this by eliminating Tesla and SpaceX CEOBen Musk from first place. A few days ago Musk removed Bezos from the first number and crowned him. According to the latest list of the Forbes Real Time Billionaires Index (10:23 am on January 21), Zephyzos now ranks first with $ 190 billion in assets.

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Elon Musk is now at number two in the top-10 list of world’s richest people and his net worth is $ 186 billion.]Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani is the 10th and Asia’s richest with assets of $ 81.3 billion. Roop Zhong Shanshan is at number six.

Let us know that according to the list of January 13 of the Bloomberg index, his wealth had increased by $ 8.69 billion in one day. In second place is Amazon CEO Jeffijos with a net worth of $ 183 billion. Forbes real-time billionaire ranking provides information about the fluctuations in public holdings everyday. This index is updated every 5 minutes after the stock market opens in different parts of the world. Networth of individuals whose assets belong to any primary company is updated once a day.

Forbes Real-Time Billionaire List


Total assets (in billion dollars)
Jeff bojos 190
Alien musk 184
Bernard Arlt and Family 148.7
Bill Gates Is 121.9
Mark zuckerberg Is 97.9
False churn 90.7
Buffon Buffett 88.8
Larry Ellison 87
Larry page 82.5
Mukesh Ambani 81.3

Source: Forbes


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