Jharkhand Agriculture Loan Scheme | Kisan loan waiver Jharkhand 2020 list, updated

Today, different schemes are being made for the farmers of the country from the Central Government to the State Government. But the benefits of the schemes do not reach them because they do not understand the whole process of the plan or the correct information is not available to them. Today we are talking about a scheme that will emerge as a sigh of relief for the farmers of Jharkhand.

Government of Jharkhand Budget declared and included until 5 March 2021 A new scheme for farmers Has been announced, under which farmers will get relief from large amounts of debt. The scheme introduced by the Government of Jharkhand is named Agricultural Debt Waiver Scheme 2021. It is also known as Jharkhand Kisan Kar Maafi Yojana.

The Government of Jharkhand made a budget of Rs. 2000 crores for this scheme. Small farmers will get the benefit of Krishi loan loan scheme and if you too want to take advantage of this scheme then we will explain to you the whole process related to this scheme. . Stay till the end.)

Jharkhand Agriculture Loan Scheme | Jharkhand Kisan loan waiver 2021

For Jharkhand Kisan Tax Waiver Scheme Small and Marginal Farmers to be Selected. Anyone under agricultural loan scheme The loan of the farmer will not be completely forgiven, rather the government will pay some of the loan amount of the farmers. So that there is no burden of any kind on the farmers. For example, if a farmer has a loan of Rs 2 lakh, then the government will pay Rs 1.50 lakh, the remaining amount will have to be paid by the farmers themselves. Out of the total budget of Rs 80000 crore for 2021-2021, a major part of the budget will be spent on this scheme.

Objective of Agricultural Debt Waiver Scheme

The objective of the Jharkhand Kisan Tax Waiver Scheme is clearly visible. Small and marginal farmers will benefit from this scheme. At the same time, those banks will also be benefited, if farmers take money as a loan, but are not able to repay it. With this campaign of farm loan waiver, farmers will easily repay their remaining debt and will remain in farming. Vanhi will return the money to the banks with this scheme and he will be able to allow other farmers to borrow as well. You can see below which documents are required in this scheme.

To avail the scheme, an Aadhaar card, bank account (passbook), mobile number, residence certificate and pass size photo can be accepted from the applicant.

Jharkhand Agriculture Loan Waiver Scheme Application Process | How to apply, form

Let me tell you that this scheme has been announced recently, it will take some time to be implemented. Information related to the application process is not yet clear. According to the government records, the debt of all the borrowers will be waived or the farmers can also be asked to apply online and submit the relevant documents.

Apart from this, the whole information related to this scheme has not been shared by the Government of Zhangkhand so far. While it is definitely being told that the farmers whose loan will be forgiven will be issued a certificate from the government, a list will also be issued which will include the names of those farmers who will get the benefit of this scheme.

Jharkhand Kisan loan waiver list 2021 | Agricultural loan waiver scheme list

In this scheme, the farmers who want to see their name in the list, they will have to wait for the list to be uploaded on its official portal. List of beneficiaries to issue.

For more information you Jharkhandkhand Agriculture Portal Turn to b.

You are requested to keep checking this page from time to time for the latest information about the Jharkhand Kisan loan waiver scheme. All new information will be updated here.

Related questions and answers

Will Jharkhand make farmers indebted to agriculture loan waiver scheme?

No | The government gave some part of the total debt, which will benefit the farmers.

What is the amount allocated in this budget for this scheme?

Out of the total budget, an amount of 2 thousand crores has been allocated for this scheme.

Who will benefit from this scheme?

Only small and marginal farmers of Jharkhand will get the benefit of this scheme.

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