Madhya Kanya Pension Scheme | Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Girl Parent Pension Scheme

Madhya Pradesh Maternity Pension Scheme | Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister’s Girl Guardian Pension | Chief Minister’s Girl Guardian Pension Scheme in Hindi

For Madhya Pradesh Government of Madhya Pradesh The benefit of the pension scheme for this scheme will be that for this scheme also the parents will have a daughter and this plan will be for this scheme.The same will happen for such a future.

Madhya Pradesh Maternity Pension | Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Girl Parent Pension

For the future state of the marriage, it will be sure what the situation will be like in the future. Pension to

Middle girl pension rules

1. Any one of the following for age and residence – school certificate / mark sheet, birth certificate / ballot list / own preliminary letter / doctor certificate ration card|

2. The children of the couple will be the same as any other living creature. / Certificate of Ward Certificate. / Gunbadi / Worker’s Register / Self-Certificate Declaration Form

3. The couple / single couple announced.

4. In the case of a couple, a photo in the case of a single couple. (This is required for checks and designated officers.) I)

5. Widow woman officer should enclose copy of certificate of death certificate / abandonment certificate of husband.

6. First page replica of bank bank / post office account.

Mahila Kanya Pension Scheme

  1. Only couples who have only daughter and no surviving son are eligible.
  2. There is an ability to be a widow and anyone is eligible for life.
  3. According to this plan a period of 60 years.

Kanya Kanya Pension Scheme Online Application

  • Person applying Go to the website.
  • The pension scheme application form will appear for the applicant.
  • Pay attention to this application form.
  • Please pay attention.
  • No one is wrong.
  • Wrong error has occurred Error error error error error error error error error error is flawed.
  • Click on feedback
  • You can also print out.

Middle woman marriage plan

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