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Mera Pani Meri Virasat Yojana Hariyana Apply, Online Application Form, Registration Full Details in Hindi

Due to the scarcity of water in the state of Haryana, the government has launched a special type of scheme. Through this scheme, farmers who cultivate crops that consume less water, provided financial support from the government. She goes. Will happen. The name of the scheme being run in Haryana is, My water my heritage plan. In this scheme, farmers are being encouraged to cultivate those things in which the use of water in irrigation and sowing can be minimized. Through this, the goal of correcting the falling water level in Haryana has been taken. Applications have also been accepted in the scheme. Hence, those who want to avail this scheme can apply for this scheme. Mera Paani Meri Virat Yojna Haryana Those who want to apply or want to get any kind of information related to this scheme will remain on this article till the end.

What is Haryana’s Meri Pani Meri Virasat Yojana My water is my great

In fact, there are many areas of Haryana in which the water level has started decreasing rapidly, there are also some areas where the water level has gone below 40 meters. In view of this, this scheme has been started in view of water scarcity in Haryana. Through this scheme, all those farmers will be encouraged to plant crops other than paddy cultivation, in which water is used sparingly. 7 thousand rupees per acre will be given to such farmers by the government.

Let us tell you that to manage this scheme, the first areas have been ringed, in which paddy cultivation is more and the water has gone below 40 meters. In the first phase of the scheme, 19 blocks have been included, where the water has gone below 40 meters, but there are also 8 blocks where sowing of paddy is done in greater quantity. These 8 blocks include Sewan and Guhla of Kaithal, Ratia in Sirsa Fatehabad and Shahabad, Ismailabad, Pipli and Babain in Kurukshetra. Apart from this, paddy cultivation will not be allowed even in those areas where tubules of 50 horsepower are used.

Haryana Mera Pani Meri Bravery Scheme

Objectives of the scheme:

  • In Haryana, the water level has been decreasing every year for the past several years, so the incoming generation does not have to face the problem of water and take necessary steps.
  • In Haryana, such areas have to be reduced where more water is used for farming.
  • Apart from promoting sustainable farming, new techniques will also be promoted through the scheme.
  • Conservation of resources will be encouraged through the scheme.
  • To protect against the bad effects of paddy-legal cycle and to keep the suman element in the soil.
  • The farmer should be given the option of crops which give more benefit to the farmer by removing the paddy-wheat cycle from cultivation.

Meri Pani Meri Virat Yojana: Key Points

  • Farmers should not be harmed in farming and they can easily do other cultivation instead of paddy.
  • In addition to paddy, the farmer cultivates low water consumption.
  • The farmers are given the option to cultivate pigeon pea, urad, sesame, cotton, vegetable etc., except paddy. “
  • Soon a portal will be created to promote this scheme. Whom to visit Farmers will also raise their voice for their problem.
  • Apart from the 19 blocks identified for the first phase, if any other farmer of the other block will also quit paddy cultivation, he will also apply under this scheme.
  • This will also ensure the availability of water for the generation concerned.

Benefits of the scheme

  • Any farmer in the state of Haryana can avail the benefit of the scheme.
  • The application of the scheme can be made through online mode.
  • If the paddy is not cultivated, the beneficiary will be given a sum of Rs 7000 per acre by the government.
  • Besides paddy, farmers should cultivate maize, pigeonpea, moong, urad, sesame, cotton and vegetable.

My Water My Heritage Scheme application process | Apply online (registration) for Mera Pani Meri Virasat Scheme Haryana

  1. To apply for the scheme, first of all you have to visit the official website associated with this scheme. Which means
  2. Click on the list, you will reach the home page of the site. To register here, you have to click on the option to register for crop diversification.
  3. Now a new page will open in front of you, where you will be asked to enter your transfusion number.My water my heritage plan
  4. After entering it, you will have to fill all the information related to your land and all changes related to the bank account.
  5. After completing all the information, your form will be on submitting the form. In this way your registration will be done.
  6. After this, the information given in the registration will be examined and if everything is found right, you will get the benefit of the scheme.

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