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Haryana Government’s My Crop-My Development Portal Meri Fasal Mera Byora Online Registration Form 2021, Registration, Application

Update – Registration begins!

Government of Haryana even during corona crisis My crop scheme named Mera Bhandara Is going to prove beneficial. This time, the government will buy wheat and mustard from farmers through this portal even during the Corona crisis. Keep in mind, offline registration of farmers is very important. How to register online on this portal and other important information is explained in detail in this article.

My face my details I am Crop My Mattress) plan is an important plan. India is an agricultural country. 70% of its population lives in the village. Whose main occupation is agriculture. India has significant involvement in the production of agriculture. Farmers need economic and agricultural components. For which farmers depend on government or private institutions. Most farmers in India are small farmers. These farmers had to go to various places for equipment and facilities related to farming.

Important points of my Faisal Mera Detail Portal:

  • The registration of the farmer, registration of the crop and the burden of the field will be registered online.
  • A unique effort for the availability of all government facilities and troubleshooting for the farmers at one place.
  • To provide information related to crop sowing time and market.
  • Information related to agriculture will be made available on time.
  • Food, seeds, loans and agricultural equipment are available on time
  • To provide assistance at the right time during natural calamity-calamity.

In this article, I am telling you what the farmers of Haryana are like. My harvest my knowledgeable One can get registration (offline registration) on the portal and what kind of farmers are these portals.

My crop my section | Haryana my harvest my report

Taking forward the digitization vision of Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal about using online and information technology more and more, the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has started the facility to register crops on the primary portal. For this, the departmentPortal named ‘Mera Crop-Mera Heera’ Has been launched.

Kharif crop maize farmers can be registered online on this portal. The work of offline will be done by VLEs (Village Level Enterprise) of Common Service Centers located in villages, for which they will be paid at the rate of Rs. 5 per capt.

Haryana Meri Faisal Mera Bayora – Benefits of Portal

  • In order to get information about the crops being sown and to give the benefit of various government schemes to the eligible farmers, the state government has launched a web-portal called state-level crop e-information.
  • Working VLEs maize the crops of all farmers
  • VLEs will be paid by the State Government directly into their account for this work.
  • In addition to VLEs, the farmers themselves at their level through the Internet ( Can also openly submit the burden of their crops online.
  • Information coming on this portal will be shared with the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.
  • The information uploaded by the farmers cannot be used in any other legal claim.
  • Apart from this, the data related to the deposit will also be shared by the patwaris.
  • This will make the procurement process of farmers’ crops easier.
  • Farmers can give maize of Kharif crop.

What information or documents should be there during online registration? Documents / information required

  • Aadhar Card
  • For the information of the land, fill your jam number with the copy of the copy / copy of the Khasra number.
  • Crop Names / Varieties / Sowing Time
  • Copy of bank passbook

I am crop Mine Strand Plan Of an objective

The state of Haryana has designed this scheme keeping in mind all the facilities for its farmers. The objective of this scheme is to overcome the problems of the farmers. Which the farmer could not commit wrong actions like suicide, as well as when the crop is destroyed due to natural calamity and other reasons, it is aimed to reduce the economic recession on the farmers by insuring and compensating the crops. The farmers have to make available seed farming equipment subsidy etc. by providing the facility of offline portal. So that farmers can get fair price for their crops and farmers can also get information about mandis to sell their crops.

Haryana Meri Crop-Mera Lodera Portal online application, registration Form 2021 | meri fasal mera details farmer registration

Come, now farmers understand the online registration process

  • Official website to apply offline in Haryana crop Mera Khadra . Go
Haryana Meri Faisal My Details Portal
  • You can also get information about this by watching the video before registration.
  • To register, go to the website, click on the “Registration (click)” list
  • After doing this, the farmer registration form will open
  • Order Y filled the entire information correctly for registration
  • Sara Suhana wants to send the registration form after filling it correctly. After registration, keep the registration number and other information.

Fasal HRY Meri Fasal Mera Byora Helpline | How to contact the helpline

Your friends like this Meri Faisal Mera Biora Portal Ho will be applied online and will give you complete information about your crop and get a reasonable price! For information about the government scheme associated with our website


Will the government buy wheat and mustard crop from the farmers of Haryana at the government price this time under the corona epidemic?

Yes. According to the recent news, the Haryana government has established it for about 2 thousand mandis. Farmers who want to sell their crops have to register online.

My crop, what is my sacra? How to register Haryana farmers online through this?

In order to make the farmers get the right price for the crop, the Government of Haryana has launched a portal named Mera Kusal Mera Oniyera. Farmers can register online on this portal. After doing this he will spoil his crop in government mandis

How long is registration done this time?

Online registration will be done. The farmers have been requested to get their registration done at home as per the information.

How to complain about my crop, my report?

Complaints can be filed by calling the helpline number 18001802060 of this portal.

Stay with us for information about new government schemes

Updated: November 26, 2021 — 4:16 am

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