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Reg your account | E-Earth online copying and measles map for depositing in Rajasthan. Rajasthan Apna Khatoon (Prithvi Portal)

Dear friends, now you will be happy to know that Regressive government Has named “Apna Khata” (Apna Khata) Started a new website | It is also known as e-Bhoomi (e-Bhoomi) portal. Through this website, now you can get information about any land online in the reg. Important facilities like Khasra map, Khatauni, Jamabandi fake and Girdhavari report can be easily taken from home.

The main purpose of this offline facility called “Apna Khata Appraisal” is to provide all the details of offline land to the people. Similar unlimited facility is provided through UP Bhulekh portal in Uttar Pradesh.

Reg your account | Apna Khatoon Rajasthan

Your account will no longer be difficult by the people of the website and will not have to go to Patwar Bhakana.Reg Your Account Website People can enter their account number and see all the records of the land.

Friends, now all of you must be thinking what will be the benefit of your account?

Benefits of Reg Apna Khata (e-Earth Portal Rajasthan)

  • Rated land records from your account
  • People from Reg Apna Khata Enter the account number and return all the land ()Jamabandi copy, Khasra map, Khatauni, Girdawari report ) Will |
  • Rated your account will save time
  • People of every district of the state can avail this facility from anywhere.

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Reg your account | Submission copy

  • First select your district by clicking on the “Select District” list or click on the name of your district in the given map.
  • Now a new page will open in which you will be asked to choose the tehsil.
  • After clicking on the name of Tehsil, the page will load (wait till the page opens completely)
  • Now a new page will open in which you will have to choose the name of your village
  • Now asked to escape from the information of the applicant
  • Go to the “Options section for copy issuance” below and select the option. Here you have to tell what you want to give the necessary information to get the Jamabandi copy. You want to give the account number, you want to give the Khasra number, you want to get the information by name or from USN / GRN.
  • Whichever option you choose, the option will appear on the UY. In the photo above, you can see that till now the account option is selected, then calculating it shows options like account number etc.
  • After filling all the information correctly, you can also see the copy of the submission on the online screen and can also download the PDF, it looks like this:

Rating geo map | Measles maps online download

Let us now know how to view measles maps in rage, geo map online. Let me tell you that you cannot see your account portal on the geo map, read the following information correctly to see:

  • First of all go to the rated earth map portal (
  • The information sought is correct.
  • Finally click on your measles number on the map, you can only view or download online.
  • Click on the printer to download

How to view Residential Girdawari report online

  • To view the latest crop Girdarawari report online, go to the official portal first.
  • After opening the page, you can click according to your need in the given option and get the information. You will get district-wise Girdawari report from this

Dear friends our you Reg Your Account How did you get less information? Comment by page.

Rated What is your account or e-Earth?

The Rajasthan government has started the facility of viewing land records offline. Through this, you can see the land’s land online. Its evaluation is also called its account or e-Earth portal.

How can resident residents remove offline deposits?

To remove offline depositing records, you can get a new depositing report by going to your account portal by entering the account or Khasra number or by name.

Is the facility of viewing the ground map or the geo map also available?

Yes, for this, the Rajasthan government has arranged a land map portal.

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Updated: November 25, 2021 — 1:19 pm

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