Shubman Gill told how he has overcome the fear of bouncer balls from inside himself.

Shubman Gill told how he has overcome the fear of bouncer balls from inside himself.

Shubman Gill, who started his Test career against some of the finest fast bowlers in the world, revealed on Sunday that he used to be quite intimidated by bouncer balls at first, but later he had overcome his fear. Gill knocked on the big stage with a stunning innings of 91, which laid the foundation for a resounding victory on the final day of the fourth Test against Australia. In six innings, he faced bowlers like Pat Cummins, Josh Hazlewood and Mitchell Starc and the 21-year-old player did not look great anywhere. But many years ago it was not easy.

‘Fear lasts until there is a score’

Gill said on his IPL franchise Kolkata Knight Riders’ website, “When you get the ball, your fear disappears.” You are afraid only until you get hurt, once you get the ball, you feel that it is absolutely normal.]After that your fear is completely gone. ‘He said,’ When I was young I used to scare the bouncers a lot. I used to get ready for chest height balls in advance. I used to practice a lot of drives so I matured playing pull shots from straight bait. ‘

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Gill shoot it himself

Gill said, ‘I have made another shoot, in which I move a little to one side to play the cut. I used to get scared of short balls as well, so I always used to go away from the line of the ball and play cut shots. These two-three shots were my favorite when I was younger and now they have become an important part of my batting. Talking about the owners days in Mohali, Gill also said that he was quite afraid to face a particular fast bowler at the academy and how he overcame his fear.

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He said, ‘I had already decided that I would bend down and release his balls. He threw the bouncer and when I was down, I saw that the ball was going towards the boundary with the edge of my bat. I realized that he was not so fast. After this, I rooted three more fours. This surprised everyone and boosted my confidence. ‘


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